Drive-In Boatwash Hull Cleaning in 15 minutes!

No need to spend time lifting your boat out of the water. Get the hull cleaned and restore the boat’s performance in 15 minutes.

How it works

The boat is driven in between the beams after the basin gate has been lowered. The boat is secured and the gate is closed. The cleaning is activated with a handheld remote control unit. The rotating brushes automatically align with the hull. The brushes move along the boat all the way to the stern and back, clearing the boat of marine fouling.

For a 10-meter boat the whole process takes less than 15 minutes.

Swedish Drive-In Boat Wash Coming to Lake Ontario - YouTube

How drive-in Boatwash works

  1. Dock inside the U-shape and turn of the engine
  2. The operator starts the rotation of the brushes and the brushes  will go under the boat and back again
  3. The brushes will naturally form around the hull on both motor- and sail-boats
  1. No chemicals are used in the process that is purely mechanical
  2. No damage to the hull
  3. The procedure take 10-15 min and leave the boat with a clean hull


The BIGWASH hull cleaner is able to clean up to 95% of the boats in an average leisure harbor. The following sketches and measurements define which boats can use the cleaner.

BIGWASH-12 cleans most motor and sail boats of up to 12 m long, 4 m in width and 2.3 m deep. It requires approximately 7.2 m of dock space.

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