A Hidden Delight in Istanbul : Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library

The Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library collection includes limited edition books, source books, publications and first editions published by distinguished publishing houses, compiling all disciplines under the title of creative industry, such as fashion, architecture, painting, design, photography, music and cinema. 

Vitali Hakko's collection, which takes firm steps towards keeping his name alive, and his understanding of librarianship, soon filled the shelves with outstanding books as a result of hard work. 

New purchases continue. 

Most of the publications are in English, but you can also find French, German, Italian, and Spanish books by topic. 

There are even Japanese publications in the architecture section. 

Vitali Hakko Kreatif Endüstriler Kütüphanesi | 15000 Kitap ve 3000 Dijital  Dergi! | Kadikoy.com

They are also working very seriously on collecting Turkish resources and publications.

Thanks to events such as Istancool, where Vakko Fashion Center opened its doors, and its special guests, its collection also includes publications specially signed for the library.

Vakko Fashion Center – Vakko ESMOD

As a Vakko classic, operation and understanding are handled within a boutique framework.

There is also an understanding such as a personal library.

After you leave the library (as you are especially requested to avoid a problem with the ordering), the books you leave on the table, that you are interested in and that you examine are recorded, and new treasures that are added to the collection are constantly shared with you for your next visit.

Likewise, they take your comments and requests into consideration.

You cannot extract a resource from the library, but with the current scanning system, you can have a digital copy of the pages you are interested in.

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